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“Beautiful Death” Art Unveiled for Season 5 of GAME OF THRONES

“Beautiful Death” Art for Game of Thrones reveals season 5’s iconic moments

If it wasn’t obvious to you, I will state that these “Beautiful Death” art for Game of Thrones are spoilers for the fates of some of the characters in season 5.  So, flee if you still need to go through your Game of Thrones binge.

If you are caught up or just don’t care about being spoiled and just want to see the glamorized version of the gruesome, yet important, deaths from this past season of Game of Thrones.  I will say that usually death is hardly ever beautiful, especially when it’s among those living in Westeros and Essos.  But artist Robert Ball has brought his talent to the Seven Kingdoms and beyond to bring to highlight some of the most memorable deaths in season 5 through his art.

Not all deaths have been stylized, and one may think it’s because even the artist can’t bear to relive those moments from the series.  That would be understandable if that were true.  Either way, no, you won’t see two of the most heartbreaking deaths that came from the final two episodes (yes, I’m talking Shireen Baratheon and Jon Snow, darn you, Stannis and Night’s Watch idiots!)

Episode 1 - Mance Rayder
Episode 1 – Mance Rayder

Source: Nerdist