BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Concept Art Reveals Early Ideas For Animated Classic

Before we get a new version of the tale as old as time, check out the original BEAUTY AND THE BEAST concept art!

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is getting a live-action reboot soon, but the general feel of the story was already envisioned by the world in the 1991 animation. The Beast’s gothic castle and the charming French village it surrounds have become an iconic imagining, but it wasn’t always going to look that way! In the original BEAUTY AND THE BEAST concept art, this took some drastically different turns.

Take a look at some for the early designs, including Cogsworth as a tall, frilly grandfather clock and the Beast as some rather alarming anteater/dog mix!

It’s always fascinating to see this type of work, but we’re glad that the final animation came out the way it did!


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