Disney Classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Behind-The-Scenes Exclusive Clip

Watch an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip for the Disney classic BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

Disney studios will release a 25th Anniversary DVD HD and Blu-Ray of the classic Beauty and The Beast this month. Including commentary and special features of the production of the 1991 fairytale the DVD will also include special behind-the-scene footage of the new live action film featuring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast.

As Disney fans we love to read and watch what the crew behind our favorite movies have to say about production on the films. For Beauty and The Beast everyone wonders, how can someone fall in love with such a beast? Well that was a challenge producers of the Disney animation found themselves having to overcome when working on the film.

Their answer hung in a 1940 painting by Kay Nielsen who depicted his version of “beauty nursing the beast.”

Beauty and the beast behind the scenes

Producers found the starting point of their production in the painting and it led to what we know as one of the most famous and beloved fairytales of storytelling.

Watch the exclusive video “Missing Link” by clicking the image below:

beauty and the beast behind the scenes

Grab a copy of the Beauty and The Beast DVD HD out now and the Blu-Ray out September 18th.

Live action remake of Beauty and The Beast premieres March 17th, 2017.

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