Behold! The SIEGE AND STORM Book Looks Gooooood!


There’s exactly one month plus one day until the release of Leigh Bardugo‘s Shadow and Bone‘s sequel, Siege and Storm.  It’s only book two, but I couldn’t be more excited if it was book three, that is, until it’s time for book three.

But according the conversation I had with Leigh a couple of months ago, she did state that we would receive another Ravkan folk tale, titled The Too-Clever Fox, which Goodreads shows as to be released this month, but no specific date has been revealed.  

I’m quite ready to for this book and have already pre-ordered the hardcover version, however, I may end up ordering the Nook version on the night of the release date depending on my lack of patience.  

How about you? Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?  And have you even read the book Shadow and Bone?  If not, the paperback copy of Shadow and Bone will be release this Tuesday, May 7th, so now’s a good time to get on the Grisha fandom!  We’d love to have you!

Source: Shadow & Bone on Facebook

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