Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Lessons From The Lizards

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch was reported to have visited the London Zoo to prepare for his role in the Hobbit. He will be playing Smaug the dragon in the film to be released next year and he found it helpful to study the reptiles.

“It’s an extrapolation of a performance into something other than an actor. But essentially, you’re still doing a scene.” – Benedict Cumberbatch¬†


We will be seeing a lot more of Cumberbatch in the upcoming years from the much anticipated Sherlock season 3 to the next Star Trek movie.

“I grew up surrounded by professional actors so it stood me in good stead. I know what a sin it is to be late. It’s very easy to burn bridges and many actors don’t think it matters, but it does because people end up saying, ‘Yeah but you don’t want to work with him because he’s a pain.” ¬†–Benedict Cumberbatch

Source: Mid-Day

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