Benedict Cumberbatch talks about SHERLOCK success

During the TCA (Television Critics Association) Winter TV Press Tour, Benedict Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington were interviewed heavily on Sherlock series 3, fame, etc, etc. Here are some of the best tidbits from Ben.

The actor obliged, saying his reaction to the mob outside was one of  “guilt,” because he showed up so late he had to run past the fans who, he said, will have to “wait another three-odd hours” before he can make his appearance. That said, he says he feels an enormous sense of responsibility to the fans who he described as “by and large intelligent” and “some of them normal.”

“So yeah, no, it means a lot to me — a hell of a lot to me,” he added quickly.


Star Benedict Cumberbatch ducked a question as to how many more three-episode seasons of Sherlock he thinks he can handle while appearing this afternoon at the TCA Winter TV Press Tour. Someone with him onstage noted BBC reportedly has said they’ll continue making them until Cumberbatch gets too famous and refuses. “Why is it always me,” Cumberbatch complained/simpered.

Interviewers apparently had a lot of questions about Benedict’s quick (or slow, depending on how you look at it) rise to fame.

Cumberbatch prides himself on being somebody who still takes public transportation and does his own shopping, rather than “sending out a minion” and sitting “on top of ivory tower with guns pointed at the street.” “I value my privacy and having space to think on my own,” he said, and being a TV and movie star is particularly tough when he’s having a down day and someone he’s never met before shoves a camera in his face. It was when he went to get take-out chicken and the guy behind the counter went all fanboy on him, and it he didn’t get his chicken for ages – “that’s the first moment I said “Oh…Christ, I do stuff people see.”

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