Best TV Characters That Arrived In 2012, including a certain archer and a soft-hearted vampire

HuffPostTV gave their list of who they thought were the best newcomers on the small screen.  See if you agree:

LegaciesOliver Queen, “Arrow”

A tortured hero masquerading as a billionaire playboy, Stephen Amell‘s Oliver Queen not only kicks ass (and looks good doing it), he also brings wit, nuance and heartbreaking humanity to a character who’s willing to sacrifice everything for the greater good.

spn-bennyBenny, “Supernatural”

We had our suspicions about Benny (Ty Olsson) when the season began, but despite the vampire’s inglorious beginnings in Purgatory, “Supernatural” has worked its magic on yet another supporting character, helping craft a relatable and sympathetic bloodsucker that we’d love to see stick around.

Some other notables:

sherlock-elementarySherlock Holmes, “Elementary”

He may not be Cumberbatch, but Jonny Lee Miller‘s jittery, genius (and a little loopy) incarnation of the iconic detective has his own charm, helping the drama avoid becoming just another procedural.

Revolution - Season 1Miles Matheson, “Revolution”

From Bella’s mustachioed father in “Twilight” to one of the biggest badasses of 2012 — not a bad year. Billy Burke‘s Miles Matheson is a complex, sword-wielding, Han Solo type who is clearly hiding a fuzzy, bromantic center beneath that prickly exterior. What’s not to love?

I find it impressive that they included Benny from “Supernatural” in their list, but I can’t say I don’t agree with it, especially after the mid-season finale.  I can’t say I’m surprised that Stephen Amell’s Ollie is on the list, and I’m appreciative of the fact that they included Jonny Lee Miller’s Holmes, considering he’s on a show that should not even be compared to a certain BBC series as they are done quite differently.  As for Miles Matheson, right now, he’s about the only reason to watch the show, at least for me.

This is by no means an exhaustive list (and in some cases, it was torture trying to choose one new role from so many talented ensembles), but consider this an attempt to pay homage to some of 2012’s most entertaining, honest or just plain nutty new characters, most of whom we hope will stick around for many seasons to come.

Good on ya!

You can check out the full list on HuffPostTV.

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