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BEYOND 1.01 “Pilot” and 1.02 “Tempus Fugit” Recap

The new Freeform series, BEYOND, introduces a promising sci-fi/mystery story arc with originality and familiarity at the same time. 

If you missed your chance to see Freeform’s newest series, Beyond, or if you need clarification on any particular moment, we’ve got your back! We’ll be posting recaps for each episode of the intriguing show, starting with tonight’s 2-hour premiere, which is the combination of the Pilot episode and the second episode, titled “Tempus Fugit.”

Warning: This page contains spoilers! 

The scene opens to a young teen on a water tower who is trying to radio his friend on a walkie-talkie. At his friend’s house, a young boy brings the walkie talkie to his brother, Holden (Dylan Schmid). Holden says he’s on his way, but before he leaves, he shows his younger brother a planet mobile he made. Holden and his younger brother, Luke (Dean Petriw), appear to have a good relationship.

Holden takes off on his motorbike and meets up with his friend, Kevin (Gabe Humphrey), to watch the meteor shower and talk about girls that they look forward to talking to when they finally get into high school.

Kevin’s older brother, Jeff, and his friends arrive at the water tower, looking to cause trouble. As Jeff is about to beat up his own brother, Holden hits Jeff with his helmet and takes off on his bike. Jeff and his buddies go after him, forcing him to take a side route through a forest.

Holden loses them, but that’s when Holden is confronted with a bright white light of unknown origin and something unexplained happens around him right before he loses consciousness.

Bam! Twelve years later, Holden (now played by Burkely Duffield) wakes up from a hospital bed. His parents reunite with him and he freaks out a bit, naturally. His doctor tells his parents that he’s okay, and his parents insist on taking him home, despite the doctor’s recommendation to keep him a while for testing.

(Of course they do, because parents never want to listen to doctors when it comes to their kids, right?) 

After twelve years, his body is completely healed and his muscles haven’t atrophied at all. His mind is also fully alert. After some physical tests, he goes home, to news reporters at the house, updating the town on this situation.

Holden’s younger brother Luke (now played by Jonathan Whitesell), now in college, returns home and reunites with Holden.

Holden has a dream featuring an elderly man and hears a young girl’s voice, saying that they’ll see him soon. He wakes up in the forest where he was twelve years earlier, finding the walkie-talkie he used back then. He doesn’t tell his parents anything when he arrives back home, even though they were worried about him.

Holden’s doctor finds her office was broken into and speculates to police that whoever broke into the office was after Holden’s file.

At home, Luke gives Holden an unused computer to help him catch up on the past twelve years, and Luke takes him to go shopping for new clothes. While trying on clothes, Luke notices a girl (Dilan Gwyn) checking out Holden, and when Holden awkwardly talks to her, she writes something on his arm and says she’ll see him soon. The message tells him he’s in danger and to “trust no one.”

While he’s sleeping, unusual electrical activity starts happening in his room, and he dreams of an elder man (Alex Diakun) and that same girl he met at the store. He again wakes up in the forest, having to walk back home.

(Yeah, that would kind of scare the crap out of the first time. The second time? C’mon!)

Holden finally meets up with Kevin (now played by Jordan Calloway) at his school counselor office and they hug, with Kevin apologizing.

(For what, we can only guess.) 

At a visit to the hospital, they take him in for MRI or CatScan (not really sure which, but they scan his brain,) but Holden falls asleep, dreaming again about the old man and the girl. The computer screens and everything the room goes down as well as blows up. Holden wakes up to find all the machinery has burned up.

Kevin is at home and gets a call from an unknown, asking what Holden knows. Kevin tells the voice he doesn’t think Holden is who they’re looking for and says that Holden is scared. The voice hangs up on him and calls a man in a yellow jacket, who has broken into Kevin’s office, and the voice tells him to do what he has to.

(Hmmm… the man in the yellow jacket seems a lot similar to another villain-type from another TV series developed by Tim Kring.) 

Kevin meets up with Holden at a tavern. Kevin tells Holden that “they” are coming for him, but doesn’t say exactly who they are. Holden mentions the girl that wrote on his arm, but Kevin doesn’t know who he’s talking about. Holden takes off outside the bar and Kevin follows, but they are attacked by the Yellow Jacket Man (Peter Kelamis) and his two cohorts.

The Yellow Jacket Man tells him he knows what Holden can do. Holden doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but when they are about to kill Kevin, Holden slams his fist on the ground, causing an outburst that throws the attackers off of them.

The girl, in an SUV, rescues Holden from the scene. He doesn’t understand what’s going on, but the girl admits they know each other, and says her name is Willa. Holden doesn’t remember anything and again uses some unknown power to stop the vehicle by practically blowing up the engine.

Willa explains that while his body was lying dormant, his consciousness wasn’t and he’s been living a life that whole time elsewhere, learning how to use unexplained powers. But she warns him that he needs to learn to control it. He leaves, warning her to stay away from him.

Willa visits the elderly man that was in Holden’s dreams. The elderly man’s body is unconscious but he communicates with Willa through her cell phone via text. She tells him that Holden’s not ready, but he says to keep close and protect him.

Holden’s room goes through another uncontrolled outburst while he sleeps.

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