BIG HERO 6 International Posters Displays Tone of Each Country

There’s a reason that multiple posters are made for a movie.  Sometimes, certain images and colors appeal more to one person than another.  The same goes for countries.  There aren’t significant differences in the feel of the movie from each of the Big Hero 6 international posters, but you can also see how the Russia poster gives more of the solid, striking colors give off that sense of “power”, whereas the warm tones from the Japan poster give off the sense of harmony and peace.  I’m not saying that Russia is just all about power and Japan is all about peace.  But there is a way about these countries that makes them what they are, and each poster somewhat shows that.

In other words, it’s really cool!

Big Hero 6 opens in the U.S. and Canada on Friday!  For release date info in other countries, check it out here.