Big Hero 6’s Unnecessary Censorship: Totally Unnecessary, Totally Funny

There’s always a way to make something cute and innocent, this is case it’s the adorable Baymax from Big Hero 6, into something not safe for children. How, you ask?

Just put some ‘bleeps’ in there!

Youtube creator Kyle Britt, who has also made similar videos for Disney’s Frozen and for Marvel’s Spiderman, has decided yet again to grace the interwebs with some more unnecessary censorship. This time, from our squishy friends and the cast of Big Hero 6

Check it out.

So funny. So unnecessary. So worthy of our time. It’s creative things like this that make for great laughs within the fandom.

If you haven’t seen Big Hero 6, go check it out. It’s a really cute and fun film for all. And no, there’s no censorship in the actual film!