BLACK LIGHTNING Casts Chantal Thuy As Anissa’s Love Interest

Grace Choi is coming to BLACK LIGHTNING, but will she have her powers?

The previews for The CW’s Black Lightning have largely focused on the relationship between the Pierce family, but a new casting announcement is infusing some romance into the mix!

Chantal Thuy (Madam Secretary, Pretty Little Liars) will play Grace Choi, a local bartender who becomes a confidant and love interest for Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams), according to Variety.

Grace Choi entered the DC Comics universe in 2003 as the daughter of a Bana Amazon. Her genetics gave her superhuman strength, so she worked as a bouncer at her club rather than as a bartender. The character was also put of The Outsiders, a post-Justice League organization formed by Batman. Whether or not the character’s superpowers will manifest on the show remains unknown.

Black Lightning is due to hit The CW in early 2018, but an exact premiere date has yet to be announced. The show joins the DC Entertainment family on the network alongside Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


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