Get ready for the Black & White version of LOGAN

If you liked LOGAN in color, then you’ll probably want to watch the Black & White version screening in theaters for one day only.

Yep, director James Mangold tweeted out that a Black & White version of Logan and confirmed that not only will it be available on Blu-Ray and DVD, but that it will actually be screening in theaters. Yes, make plans for May 16th to catch the B&W version, because it’ll only be in theaters for that one day.

Unfortunately for international fans, the Black & White version will only be available on screens in the U.S.

Mangold also explains how making Logan Black & White isn’t just simply changing your color settings on your TV.

To get an idea of how the B&W version of Logan will look, check out this international promo:

Check your local theaters for Logan in Black & White on May 16th!