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Bloody Nick is spying in new FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Image

This new image of a bloody Nick hints at his solo tour around Mexico after separating from his mother and sister.

Things didn’t quite turn out so well for Kim, Travis, and their family after trying to negotiate a stay at the Abigail farm in the first half of season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. And when trying to leave with her family, Madison was forced to leave Nick behind. But it also looked like Madison knew that if there was one person who could survive without her guidance, it would be bloody Nick.

Not only that, Travis and Chris never reunited with them, so they’re off on their own as well.  With the group split into three, showrunner Dave Erickson says that the second half of the season will be us “seeing how each group can survive and what they do to find their place in the apocalypse.”

Nick is played by Frank Dillane


Influenced by Celia’s way of thinking, Nick’s journey will be very different from what we’ve seen before in either Walking Dead series, as he wants to find others who see the infected the way he sees them, an evolved living version of the people we are today. Dave explains more:

“That’s his goal. So, when he leaves, when he realizes Celia’s gone, and the compound is burned, he’s going to set out to find people who are more likeminded and will give him some clues along the way. And then it sort of falls into the be-careful-what-you-wish-for category. When he actually gets to a place with some degree of spiritual comfort for him. It’s not going to last very long.”


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