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BOB’S BURGERS Takes a Bite Out of SDCC

The cast of BOB’S BURGERS “meats” up at SDCC to chat season 9 and movie.

Bob’s Burgers has been a fan favorite since 2011. The show is already approaching its ninth season on FOX.

FOX caught up with the voices behind the beloved characters on Friday at SDCC:

Although the official Bob’s Burgers Twitter page didn’t do much live-tweeting during the show’s SDCC panel on Friday, they were sure to let fans know a few very important details.

Apparently, viewers cannot get enough of the Belcher family because a movie is in the near future:

The Bob’s Burgers movie may also be a gateway to other great content from the voice actors:

Fans still have to wait a couple of years for the Bob’s Burgers movie, but season 9 of the series premieres September 30th, 2018, at 8:30/7:30c on FOX!

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