Book Expo America YA Top 5 Fun Things Plus Giveaway!

On the off chance that you were not aware, Book Expo America — known as BEA for short — took place in New York City at the end of May. There have already been lots of recaps and book haul pictures floating around, so we* thought it would be fun to give our short and sweet BEA YA Top 5 Fun Things list!  *By “we” I really mean “me.” Basically, these are my opinions, and I’d love to see some comments on whether you agree or disagree, and especially on what I may have missed. BEA was just too huge to do everything, ya know?!

5. The Let’s Get Lost car:

Image from @MiraInk on Twitter
Image from @MiraInk on Twitter

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid is definitely a highly anticipated book for the second half of the year. The book wasn’t ready yet, but Harlequin had samplers available which Adi was signing during random pop up signings throughout the show. And of course — this car! So cute!

4. The Epic Heir of Fire line:

Two hours later, I made it to the front of the line!

Everyone knew going in that the line for this book by Sarah J. Maas would be insane. And it was. Insane.

…but TOTALLY worth it.

3. Saturday morning at BookCon:

Cassie Clare, Maggie Stiefvater, Holly Black AND Cassie Clare — and you can only pick two of the signings to attend! What do you do?!?!


 2. Galley drops:

There seemed to be a lot of galley drops this year. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing.

ALL the pretty books!!
ALL the pretty books!!

 1. Blogger love:

Image from http://wherelovemeetslife.files.wordpress. com.

I loved how all of us bloggers had each other’s backs! You really want a certain book and I have a free hour? I’ll get in that line for you! You know when the next galley drop is going to be? Spread the word! My entire trip consisted of moments and exchanges like that, and I just warms my little book lovin’ heart.

Speaking of love…how about a giveaway?!??

(It works because, who doesn’t like winning stuff???) We picked up two extra exclusive sneak peak samplers that we’re giving away to one lucky person!

Click image to enter the giveaway!

To enter the giveaway, click here!

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