Book One of ‘The Dark Artifices’ ‘Lady Midnight’ Publication Pushed Back

Cassandra Clare posted news on her Tumblr page that the first book in The Dark Artifices series, Lady Midnight, will be published in March 2016 instead of December 2015.

Here’s what was stated by Cassie:
Hi Cassie! I have been a fan since the movie for City of Bones came out. So, I’ve been really excited for Lady Midnight, and I’ve seen Somethings of the publication being 2016, is this true? Thanks for your help 🙂 —

jessthedaydreamer  Has Lady Midnight been pushed back to March 2016? I was really looking forward to it. I thought it was coming out fall 2015. — italiamia1212

 “Fall” is publishing terminology for anything between September and December. It was originally tentatively slated for sometime in December 2015 but it’s now March 2016.

This isn’t because I’m turning it in late, or anything about the writing of the book has changed. Still turning it in the same time. Publishers make decisions about when to publish books based on all sorts of things, including how much time they’ll have to edit the book, to market and promote the book, what other books they have coming out, how they plan to space out all the series books that come after so that they come regularly, etc.

I tried to be clear that the Fall 2015 date for Lady Midnight was tentatively scheduled, and might be changed at any moment, but I really didn’t know until recently what the upshot was going to be, so I am sorry if it was confusing. I’ve also tried to be clear that The Last Hours isn’t scheduled yet and that remains true.

Lady Midnight is an important book for me and for Simon and Schuster, considering that this is the first “new series” Shadowhunter book in five years — and that it will be followed by Chain of Gold, which is also the first book of a new series! I am sorry for disappointment at the idea of having to wait another twelve or sixteen weeks for the book, but I do think it will bring you the best book at the best time.

In the meantime, because Lady Midnight is the first book in a new series, it’ll actually have advance copies, and you’ll have a chance to win them, and there’ll be other cool stuff like that — not to mention monthly installments of Shadowhunter Academy starting in February— that will hopefully make the wait less painful. 🙂


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