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An Encyclopedia of Tolkien by David

If you’re into The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or any of J.R.R. Tolkien’s work, then An Encyclopedia of Tolkien by David Day is a must-have book for you. It doesn’t just give details about all that is Middle-Earth, but it gives info on other works, mythologies, and stories that have had some inspiration into Tolkien’s novels.

We were able to check out the book and we guarantee it’s full of glorious art and information that would entice any fan. Even if you haven’t read the classic novels, there’s a plethora of information to be had, and author David Day did a brilliant job in comprising it into this beautifully crafted encyclopedia.

Being that the encyclopedia’s focus is on Tolkien’s fantasy world, the art shown within the pages are from familiar names such as Ian Miller, Victor Ambrus, Kip Rasmussen, and Allan Curless, to name a few.

The charts are a real treat, as it details family lines, geneologies, and the rings of power, as well as some other fascinating information. There’s a separate section in regards to the battles of Middle-Earth that are especially noteworthy.

And as a bonus, the encyclopedia includes three legendary “ring” stories that were a large inspiration for Tolkien’s books.

This is truly a great addition to have in your personal library.

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