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Book Review: DARIUS THE GREAT IS NOT OKAY by Adib Khorram, with a Pictorial on Persian Dishes

A Pictorial on Popular Persian Dishes

One thing that’s brought up throughout the book is the Persian/Iranian dishes that Darius partakes in. He explains certains dishes that he’s fond of, including some popular ones that you can likely try yourself at your local Persian restaurants. Being in a big city, I was able to find a few Persian places and got to try some of the dishes that the author mentions in the book. The following images show the dishes that I tried and what I thought of them.

Soltan Banoo


The first thing I ordered when I arrived at this nicely decorated restaurant was a hummus appetizer plate. Hummus became one of those foods that was popularized in America, and for good reason. It’s just great with bread or pita chips.


Darius mentions that the Fesenjun doesn’t look too appetizing for some people, especially those who are more accustomed to American food fare like burgers and fries. Being filipina, I’ve seen and eat plenty of food that doesn’t look appealing, and doesn’t even smell appealing. Fesenjun might be one of those dishes that non-accustomed people might shy away from. But I surely didn’t!

Fesenjun is simply walnuts and chicken cooked in pomegranates, along with basmati rice. This stew dish was super flavorful and had the familiar tart taste of pomegranates. For those that love a bit of tartness, this dish is meant for you. It’s usually served with a bit of salad, which includes the Iran’s favorite vegetables, cucumber.


I also tried Doogh (pronounced like ‘dew’), which is a cold, yogurt-based drink, with salt and mint mixed in. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you give it a chance, you might find yourself accustomed to the taste and liking it.

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