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Book Review: DARIUS THE GREAT IS NOT OKAY by Adib Khorram, with a Pictorial on Persian Dishes

Darband Fifth Avenue Grill


Torshi is an appetizer dish of pickled vegetables in the picture below. You pretty much eat it however you want to with the pieces of soft chips and add whatever else you want to. Included with our torshi was lime, jalepeno peppers, and what looks to be Must O’Kheyar (yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber and mint seasoning.)

Ghormeh Sabzi

Sometimes it might be considered a vegetarian dish or stew, but don’t be fooled, Ghormeh Sabzi does have veal in it. The veal is mixed in with plenty of sauteed vegetables, dried limes, and kidney beans, and it’s very delicious. The aroma of the dish is powerful and draws you in. Honestly, I’m just glad I’m not one to be put off by the appearance of it as some people might be. It’s so good, it’s a shame people miss out on it for that reason.


So far, it’s the only Persian dessert I’ve tried. Darius mentions at least one other one called a Qottab, but I can’t seem to find it on any of the menus of the restaurants I’ve visited. There is also baklava which is probably the most popular Persian dessert known in America, but filipinos have their own kind of baklava, so I’ve had a variation of it, at least.

But faloodeh is certainly something that I haven’t had anything to compare it to. It’s a cold dessert with frozen starchy noodles that are covered in a rose-water and sugar syrup, and usually served with some lime wedges for you to mix into it to get that tangy flavor with the sweetness, because it’s very sweet. I’m definitely one who likes sweet desserts all too much, and I had no problem with the rose-water, so I liked it enough to finish it.

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