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Book Review: DARIUS THE GREAT IS NOT OKAY by Adib Khorram, with a Pictorial on Persian Dishes



Tahdig is basically the hardened rice found at the bottom of a pot of steamed rice, which can be eaten with vegetables or beans. Mine was covered in beans. Growing up eating rice as a staple, I never knew that there was a dish that consisted of eating rice that was close to being burned. That part was usually thrown out, so trying it out was an interesting experience.

Koobideh Kebab

Another excellent dish, and which is not a stew is the koobideh kebab. The koobideh is ground beef mixed with herbs and formed kebab-style. Normally, these dishes come with basmati rice as a staple, and a grilled tomato. If you’re looking for something that’s a little more familiar tasting to American food, this would probably be one of them, as with the other kebabs that Iran makes, but with different protein such as lamb, pork, or fish.

The book does mention some other dishes that I wasn’t able to try, but I highly recommend opening your mind to trying these delectable Persian dishes. Google places in your area for Persian food. You may be able to find these dishes and find that you’ll want to go back after trying it the first time.

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