Book Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

I had an opportunity to get an early edition of Everything, Everything at BookCon this year, as well as Nicola Yoon’s autograph. This is a very strong debut novel for Yoon, that I recommend for anyone who loves contemporary novels about struggle, sacrifice, and truth. And how pretty is that cover?

9780553496642_e2d95Maddy is content with her life. Sure, she can’t leave her house because she is allergic to the world outside. But she loves her mom and her nurse, Carla, who cares for her every day from the comfort of her extravagant home. She loves reading and writes little notes of prizes for anyone who returns her books to her. She knows that she has everything she needs right there at home. But when Maddy watches Olly and his family move next door from her bedroom window, suddenly her limited life does not seem like enough anymore. The more she interacts with Olly, the more she longs for freedom. She may just be willing to risk it all for just a couple days of a different life. And her whole world may just turn upside down.

Maddy is so trusting and loving and Olly just wants the best for her, whatever that may be. When these two are together, you can feel the goodness in them. Both are willing to sacrifice whatever they must for the people they love, but for once they just need a little selfish break.

Maddy’s mom is a doctor who cares for her sick daughter to an extreme degree. She will not allow visitors and Maddy cannot exit the house under any condition. But she is just trying to keep her little girl safe and loves nothing more than spending time together. Carla is the more sympathetic mother figure, seeing that Maddy needs some interaction and to see life outside her own walls. But could these little gifts cause Maddy’s undoing?

This book shows the truth of a scary discovery; heartbreak will hit where you do not expect it. Experience what it would be like to live in a world where the very air you breathe could be your end. Would you be willing to risk it all for a couple days of freedom?

This books gets a strong four out of five stars and will be officially released September 1.