Sophie Kinsella’s first foray into YA with Finding Audrey is a humorous and heartwarming read for all.

We meet 14 year old Audrey in the aftermath of an unspecified trauma she’s been through; this story is the road to her recovery. As a result of what happened to her, Audrey suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. She has trouble with social situations and hide behind her dark glasses. An exercise her therapist gives her has Audrey filming the world around her which means Audrey has a front row seat to her family’s antics. Specifically her mother’s resolve to cure her brother Frank’s “addiction” to online gaming.

Audrey meets Frank’s gaming teammate, Linus, and develops a connection with him.  Her anxiety issues means taking things slow, but friendship soon deepens into something more. Audrey’s relationship with her family as well as Linus grow stronger as she begins to recover.

I’ve been a big fan of Sophie Kinsella for years. I’ve always enjoyed her writing style and quirky characters. She writes mostly what are considered chick-lit novels. Her stories always have a lot of humor with protagonists that seem to find themselves in a bit of a pickle. However, whatever problems or embarrassing moments they run in to, her heroines always get their happily ever after. I was very happy to hear she was coming out with her debut young adult novel. As with her other novels, Finding Audrey was jammed packed with quirky characters.

As it is written from Audrey’s perspective, we get a really good look at what’s going through her mind as she slowly tries to heal from her trauma. I thought Linus as a character was great. He is so patient and sweet with Audrey as she tries to find her footing. Linus really puts her recovery into overdrive. As I was left not quite satisfied, I would have liked to see more of the relationship between Linus and Audrey.

Frank is your typical older brother. I found his sometimes sarcastic attitude entertaining. He’s a little self involved but when Audrey needs him, he’s always there for her. Audrey’s mom is a bit of a character. She can be crazy to the point of annoyance. She thinks she’s always right and when she gets an idea in her head she won’t let it go. She was the only character in the book that did irritate me a bit. Of course it’s a sign you’re reading a Sophie Kinsella novel – crazy relatives!

Honestly, this book is really funny. I found myself laughing out loud numerous times while reading. I was hooked from the first scene which depicts the epitome of this family’s wackiness. One of the more amusing aspects of the book was the constant bickering and exasperation between Frank and his mother. Finding Audrey is a light and easy read that I definitely recommend picking up.

RATING: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Finding Audrey hits stores June 09, 2015.


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