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How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge was an action filled follow up sequel that took space adventure and world building to the next level, but not necessarily in a good way.

Rory Thorne, princess of her kingdom in the multiverse, returns in this sequel to How Rory Thorne Destroyed The Multiverse as we see her and her crew find new things that lead to a multitude of events. We follow the after effects of the first books as Rory Thorne finds a “rose” that can change the world through its biological warfare abilities. Rory then gets sucked into the war between everyone wanting this “rose” and the power to control the multiverse. Rory Thorne and her crew may have faced a lot of challenges in the first book, but this new development could ruin the Multiverse, and Rory Thorne is stuck in the middle of it.

Rory Thorne was an amazing main character throughout the first book, but I feel that she lost some depth in the second. I was super excited for the character development that could’ve happened during this book, but instead I felt that the characters lacked shine, and the main purpose of the book being only the plot. Rory became secondary and I felt that her character deserved better.

The only thing that I appreciated in the sequel was the addition to the world and the magic system. I felt the first book set a decent foundation on the complex world of the “Multiverse”. It was super cool to see the addition of new races in the multiverse and I loved the fact that we got to see a whole new side of the world being built. I also really enjoyed the magic system and how it developed in this book. Rory’s blessings from the fairies was one of my favorite parts of the first book, so seeing how she used them in the second book was really cool. To me, this was the major highlight of How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge.

However, with the characters lack of development, this story could’ve been covered within only a couple of chapters, unless you liked only action. The first half of this book was just plain action and it wasn’t action that was needed for the plot. Everything that happened in the first half could’ve been summed up in one chapter. Unfortunately, the pacing felt lackluster compared to the first book.

Overall, this book was overly confusing when it did try to get through the plot, which was more like trying to dump information on the readers without the nuances that give the book a connection to the characters and this complex world. My favorite part of the first book was the banter between the different set of characters, so this book really disappointed me as I felt their was zero banter and the majority of the time, the characters were split from each other.

The last couple of chapters were the only time that I saw a glimpse of what I love about this series. When everyone came back together, I felt the spark of why I loved the first book and wished that the last few chapters was the whole book. Sadly, I felt nothing substantial happened for me to love it as much as I did in book one. Though I wouldn’t didn’t care much for book two, I do think book one is a worthy read, because Rory Thorne is an interesting character and it’s worth the read.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

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