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Book Review: PRETTY FUNNY FOR A GIRL by Rebecca Elliott

Pretty Funny for a Girl is a great story that threw in the familiarity of a normal young adult contemporary with an added bucket full of good old fashioned humor.

In the novel, we see Haylah, the main character, overcome her fears while throwing us through all her comedic lines and being the crazy and lovable character you learn to love as the story progresses.

Elliot’s book opens up the door to show girls that comedy is for everyone, through stupid jokes, and hilarious scenes, we get to see Haylah find her voice in comedy.

This book is still like a basic contemporary though, with family issues, and struggles with the main character accepting who she is. Although I was pretty disappointed that this book used these standard plots points, even though I still enjoy them, I just hoped for something a little bit fresher with this novel. This is one of the first books that I’ve read that is purposely trying to be funny, so I wanted to see more of that and less of the self deprecation. But overall, I still appreciate the fact that we see the main characters growth through those sorts of issues.

Moving on from the plot, let’s talk about her relationship with her brother. It was the most adorable and wholesome thing I’ve ever seen. I could’ve just read a whole book of their interactions. Her brother Noah hit me with the feels and I just loved his childlike innocence and I honestly thought he was funnier than his sister.

The biggest thing that made me a little bit disappointed was the flatness of some of the jokes. I think reading jokes isn’t like hearing them. Things that would probably make me cackle in real life, fell flat in the book. Listening to this book might be a better option than reading it, just so the jokes get delivered in the way the author writes them. Although they were funny essentially, they just fell flat for me because reading full-on stage shows for stand-up just doesn’t seem to do well on paper.

Overall, I would listen to this book because I think we all need a good laugh sometimes. Even though some plots were overused, I still found the value in reading something familiar. I loved seeing Haylah accept that she may not be skinny, but she is beautiful the way she is through this book. The plot may have been predictable, but I still got a good laugh out of some of the random jokes. At the end of the day, I think we could all use some good old fashioned humor. So I’d recommend this book, however, if it ever comes in audiobook version, I think it would work well for Pretty Funny for a Girl; you will most definitely enjoy yourself.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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