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Book Review: SPARK by Alice Broadway

In the Ink Trilogy’s second installment, Leora meets new, Blank faces, but she can’t help notice the SPARK of familiarity.

Leora seems to have made a big mistake. And the people of Saintstone cannot overlook her act of rebellion. As punishment, she is sent away to Featherstone, the home of the Blanks. Leora will fulfill the role of the Marked’s spy. She is commanded to infiltrate Featherstone and gather all the information she can about its people and their intentions. With the adversary’s secrets under her belt, she will be permitted to return home. And with this newfound knowledge, the Marked can eliminate their enemies once and for all.

When Leora enters Featherstone, it is quite a shock. Not because all is distinctly different, but because of how similar it is to her community. She’s instinctively wary of the unfamiliar people with tattoo-less skin, and the Blanks look at her, a girl covered in ink, skeptically, too. But there is an overall mutual understanding–which is based on the lie that Leora came to learn about her [birth mother’s] roots–that allows them to live together. The longer Leora stays, the more she questions the adversity between her own people and these not-so-strange strangers.

Broadway’s style of writing is stunning. It sings. The complexity of her words string together into harmonious images and emotions. The reader is immersed into the beauty and the displeasing. The ups, the downs, and everything in-between are significant. I found myself backtracking on certain phrases and sentences because they were so appealing, I needed to read them twice.

The descriptions of Broadway’s characters in Spark make them feel alive. They could easily be the reader’s friend, or foe. She not only depicts the characters’ physical attributes in a way that make them appear as clear as day, but she’s able to capture their essence. She shares their souls with the reader. It’s impossible not to form some type of connection with them.

I wish the overall pacing of Spark was a little faster, but perhaps that’s simply me being impatient. (There is another novel coming soon, after all.) However, Leora’s journey is intricate and enjoyable. There are plenty of twists and connections throughout the pages. It’s not often I can say this about the second book in a series, but I like Spark quite a bit more than I do Ink.


Spark will light up shelves in the U.S. on July 30th, but you can grab a copy now via Amazon or Indiebound.

Leora is reeling: questioning everything she has ever known about her family and herself.

As half-Marked and half-Blank, can she ever wholly belong in either fractured community? Mayor Longsight wants to use her as a weapon: to infiltrate Featherstone, home of the Blanks, and deliver them to him for obliteration. Leora longs for answers about her mysterious birth mother, and Featherstone may reveal them.

But will she find solace and safety there or a viper’s nest of suspicion and secrets?

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