Brad Pitt, Warner Bros To Adapt Sci-Fi YA Novel ILLUMINAE

Witty space epic ILLUMINAE is being adapted for the big screen!

Illuminae, the new bestselling YA sci-fi novel by award-winning Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, has been picked up for adaptation by Brad Pitt and Warner Bros.

Illuminae was just released this past October and has quickly risen to acclaim for its unique take on the sci-fi genre and its clever wit. Illuminae’s popularity has landed it on the NY Times Bestelling Hardcover YA list on the first week of its release. The book has remained on the list since its debut, currently placing third.


Illuminae tells the tale of teenage hacker Kady and her ex-boyfriend/fighter pilot Ezra, who are navigating through a broken relationship, coping with the destruction of their home and the loss of their loved ones, as well as uncovering a conspiracy that could lead to a potential intergalactic war. They have to face a rival enemy megacorporation, a deadly mutant virus, and a rogue artificial intelligence in order to survive and tell the truth.

It is a story unlike any other, fully immersing and captivating readers through a series of classified files, interviews, dossiers, ship schematics, texts, and many other visuals.

Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff are also known other successful novels. Amie Kaufman is the acclaimed co-author of the Starbound Trilogy, which is currently in development at MGM Television, and Jay Kristoff is the author of the bestselling Lotus War fantasy series.

Brad Pitt and Warner Bros will now begin searching for writers to adapt Illuminae, while Jesse Ehrman and Julia Spiro will be overseeing the project for the studio.