‘Brave’ Easter Eggs

Some eagle-eyed viewers spotted a familiar yellow truck in Pixar’s lastest hit, Brave, and that would be the ever present Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story!  You probably already know that this little truck has made an appearance in all of Pixar’s films with the exception of The Incredibles (although it did find its way into the video game!), but where could they possibly fit it into 10th century Scotland?  First Showing.net has the answer to that question along with one other Easter egg Pixar snuck into the movie, see below!

The witch who casts a spell to change Merida’s fate is an expert wood carver. But apparently she’s also a predictor of the future as she has sculpted the Pizza Planet truck out of a piece of wood, and Disney sent us a still from the film so you can see it right here for yourself:

But that’s not all. The witch has another Easter egg in her woodshop as you can see a recognizable monster engrained into another piece of wood just lying around. You can see that very photo right here as well:

Did you notice Sully, the Pizza Planet Truck, or that sculpture that looks a lot like Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ when you watched Brave? If you know of any other Easter eggs in Brave please let us know!

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