Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference Roundup!

The press conference for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 where held in Los Angeles today, almost every part of which was handled on an actor-by-actor basis. Page to Premiere attended the event and was awesome enough to live blog each segment!

Click the actor’s name to read the full live blogs:

Kristen Stewart

Playing vampire and non vampire at the same time, since the (Part 1 & 2 ) films were shooting simultaneously?
I was lucky playing vampire and non-vampire Bella, because I’d played human Bella for so long. I got to play a really well-rounded version of her.

If you were to take the fact she becomes a vampire completely away, it’s just a more realized version of who she’s been the whole time. It really represents that time in your life where you’re full and pumping, and has faith in herself enough to figure out her feelings and find out why they’re there. Now it all makes sense and she can say, it’s WORTH IT, and it’s really fun and satisfying. It was breaking her in like a car, how fast? How fast does it go?

Robert Pattinson

Were you sad to let him go?
Very very strange. Same frustration, same way through, it’s a strange part. On one part, a lot of the audience project their idea of him onto him, but my own instinct is to find the infallibility and weaknesses. So you’re trying to play both things at the same time, and playing this “perfect” specimen, but what is that? So you’re trying to play an archetype and a character at the same time. I just felt really frustrated…and then it ended.

Taylor Lautner Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference Jacob Black
Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner

Line between caring and creepy with Renesmee?
It’s a fine line and I was worried about it. We were fortunate to have Stephenie on set the whole time for the last two, and she said stop overcomplicating it! It’s a lifelong bond between two people, so, it’s more of a protective thing. Like a brother and sister relationship. So I couldn’t allow myself to think ahead and go beyond that. I think Bill did a great job with it, because it is delicate.

Michael Sheen

Advice you’d tell yourself before joining the franchise?
There’s nothing like being around Kristen, Rob, and Nikki…to make you feel like an old, fat, welshman. You feel like by osmosis you’ve gotten more attractive, but then you look in the mirror afterwards and scream!

Nikki Reed Jackson Rathbone Elizabeth Reaser Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference Rosalie Hale Jasper Hale Esme Cullen
Cullen Coven

Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz and Elizabeth Reaser

How do you feel about being able to surprise fans who have read the book so many times?
Jackson Rathbone: The last 20 minutes of the film are really going to be huge for the fans. It’s really amazing and beautiful, and brings back to the first Twilight. It’s really awesome, and exciting!

Bill Condon

Visualization of powers?
These are mental powers, like Bella’s shield or Alec’s power, you can’t actually see them. In a visual medium, you can’t make it that subtle. I didn’t want Bella’s shield to be a Wizard of Oz bubble. For Alec’s power, it was really funky. That was the darkest power, so we really tried to go after it like a horror movie, like a really nasty power. I attribute that to the talent of the actors! They all took it so seriously, they all had complete backstories and successfully managed to make their characters pop.

Stephenie Meyer Wyck Godfrey Melissa Rosenberg Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference
The Behind-the-Scenes Team

Stephenie Meyer, Wyck Godfrey, and Melissa Rosenberg

If Renesmee and Jacob have kids, they’d be vampire/wolf/human! Can you talk about that?
Stephenie Meyer:I know exactly what would happen? There are a few characters that may have a big voice in that storyline. Maybe someday I’ll write it just for myself. I don’t know if you’ll ever see one but I’m not into permanence, so…