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Brianna and Roger Land In America In OUTLANDER “Wilmington” Promo

OUTLANDER brings Brianna and Roger to the brave new world in “Wilmington”!

Brianna and Roger may have made it to the colonies, but that doesn’t make their journey any easier in the next episode of Outlander, “Wilmington”.

The episode trailer hints at the fact that Roger and Brianna will indeed find each other again, but Brianna will also find herself in the company of the despicable Stephen Bonnet, who has Claire’s original wedding ring from Jamie. It spells bad news all around.

After a Jamie and Claire-free episode, the main couple is back with a new predicament: Jamie’s deal with the governor has finally caught up to them. Jamie made a deal to help stand against the regulators, and the governor has uncovered the leader of the regulators: Murtagh. Jamie and Claire will have to save their friend from the governor’s wrath before it’s too late.

Here’s the official description:

Roger’s desperate pursuit of Brianna finally pays off. Meanwhile, Jamie’s loyalty to the Governor is tested when he learns of a plot and ultimately decides to team up with Claire to avert disaster.

Needless to say, this all seems to be leading up to some major consequences for the rest of the season.

“Wilmington” airs Sunday, December 23 at 8pm EST on Starz.

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