Buy a Home in Westeros with Monopoly GAME OF THRONES Edition

 Monopoly Game of Thrones edition coming soon!

UPDATE: The Game of Thrones Monopoly edition is now on sale here!

We know how much you’ve dream of being part of Westeros – maybe as a passerby of the goings-on between the houses and those in charge than an actual participant – of seeing the grandeur and majestic scenery that the land holds.  As long as the dragons are not breathing fire down on you or your loved ones or your sheep that you’ve so carefully herded all your life, who wouldn’t want to live in Westeros, right?  Well, now you can with the Monopoly Game of Thrones edition.

Monopoly Game of Thrones display

Yes, folks, this is what’s coming to the HBO online store sometime this year.  No specific date has been set, but you’ll probably want to head over to the shop to make sure you sign up on their e-mail list so you can order it as soon as it’s available to order.

“Vie to hold dominion over the realms of men in the Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition of MONOPOLY. Featuring infamous locations from the original dramatic television series, including Castle Black, Winterfell and King’s Landing, players will buy, sell and trade their way to sit atop the Iron Throne. Collectible tokens include: Dragon Egg, Three-Eyed Raven, White Walker, Direwolf, Crown and The Iron Throne. Custom Villages and Keeps replace traditional Houses and Hotels. Coming in 2015.”

You’d think board games had gone the way of the dinosaur these days, but this is one board game that endures on certain occasions, like “Family Game Night.”  But for the collector, this is even more enjoyable.  I’d want to actually play it though instead of preserving it in a perfect original packaging state.  I’d want to open it with an angelic chorus singing it’s ahhs and I’d want to see all the little placement pieces and the cards that will show all the railroads and avenues and chances.  How else could one really appreciate the beauty and giddyness of having the game without opening it?  You can’t.  It’s meant to be opened and played with, especially with 1-5 other friends!

The Monopoly Game of Thrones Collector’s Edition has been priced at $59.99, but no exact date of release has been announced yet.