Caesar Flickerman’s Entrance Music

You know that awesome music when Caesar Flickerman stands up and smiles ridiculously, and behind him are all those images of him making hilarious, way-over-the-top faces? This is right before the interviews. (That scene was SO well done, and it cracked up many theaters everywhere). Well — that song was NOT on the Hunger Games score or soundtrack. Fortunately, we’ve found it!

It’s called WAR by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and you can get it on iTunes. Enjoy!

One reply on “Caesar Flickerman’s Entrance Music”

Unfortunately, that’s only sort-of right. The song in the movie and the original song on the album (and on iTunes) are different. The original song is much less grandiose, with an almost anguished sound to it.

I’ve been able to find multiple versions of the Hunger Games re-write on YouTube, but so far not on iTunes. Sad that the HG version was never official released by the studio – I far prefer it.

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