Camp Divergent Coming to Illinois this Summer!


Illinois-based bookstore, Anderson Books is doing something pretty awesome this summer — they are hosting a Divergent-themed summer camp!  Geared towards the pre-teens/teens, Camp Divergent will have activities fashioned after the virtues of each faction in Veronica Roth’s novel.

Three five-day sessions of Camp Divergent, created by Naperville, Ill.-based Anderson’s Bookshops, will be held at the nearby Naper Settlement museum village in June, July, and August. Tweens and teens will engage in activities inspired by the novels’ five personality-based factions: they’ll put together food packs to send to Africa on Abnegation day and do brain teasers with local professors on Erudite day; plant vegetables on Amity day and hear area politicians discuss ethics on Candor day; and learn mixed martial arts from a tattooed body builder and cage fighter on Dauntless day. “By the time you’re done with the week, you’re definitely Divergent,” said co-owner Becky Anderson. “You’ll learn something in the process and have a great time.”

Seriously, how cool does this sound?? For complete information about the camp, visit Anderson Books!


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