The new CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR HISHE dropped today, and as you’d expect, the “How It Should Have Ended” is hysterical!

Captain America: Civil War, the highest grossing box office movie of the year (at least until Finding Dory cruises past it), got the “How It Should Have Ended” aka HISHE treatment, and as it always does so well, the video pokes fun at many of the film’s more obvious plot holes. Tony Stark takes it on the chin, but every character ends up with a bit of sarcastic mud on their face. A few things to be on the lookout for: Spider-Man’s distrust of Iron Man with his aunt, the words on Captain America and Bucky’s tombstones, and the whole discussion about the accords. Check out theĀ Captain America: Civil War HISHE below, and keep it here at The Fandom for all the best comic book movie news!