Captain America: Civil War Spoilery Details


UPDATE 8/28/15, 1:57am EDT: More details arrived earlier today regarding who’s on whose side? Find out after the jump! 

This is not quite a spoiler, however we now have information about one of the fight sequences in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. Captain America will be teaming up with Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) against Iron Man. This may seem like Iron Man will be at a disadvantage however this may not be the case.captain america civil war

With Tony Stark suiting up in his Mark 46 Bleeding Edge armor, he’s going to be a force to be reckon with. The suit not only makes Stark stronger than the Hulk, but it also drastically enhances his intelligence, and it can self-heal. At least that’s what it does for Stark in the comics.

This is exciting news as this will be the first time the two best friends have fought together, not against each other, since WWII.

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This should be no surprise that aligning themselves with the Cap are Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird – who will be making her first feature film appearance, Sam Wilson aka The Falcon, and of course, it looks like Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier somehow remembers who he is and has once again sided with his bestie.

One more note: you’ll see that Hawkeye has something on his shoulder.   Well, that’s actually someone, because Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, will apparently be siding with Team Cap.

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This  group is a little more, eh, supernatural in a way, as we have not only Stark’s military buddy James Rhodes aka War Machine and (seems by default) Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow, but we have the first-time-on-screen Chadwick Boseman aka Black Panther, and the Stark/Banner creation The Vision.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR comes out May 6th, 2016.



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