Cara Delevingne Reveals Her First YA Novel

MIRROR, MIRROR follows three teens down a dark path after one of their friends dies unexpectedly.

Actress/model Cara Delevingne gained a lot of attention while starring in the adaptation of a Young Adult favorite– Paper Towns, based on the book by John Green. Now, she’s branching into the world of YA herself with her debut novel!

Bustle found a description of the novel over on The Bookseller, who says Mirror, Mirror is “gripping and twisty coming-of-age story that explores identity, sexuality, friendship and betrayal, with a killer mid-point twist.”

Here’s the cover and full synopsis:

Friend. Lover. Victim. Betrayer.
When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Sixteen-year-old friends Red, Leo, Naima and Rose are like anyone their age: figuring out who they are and trying to navigate the minefield of school and relationships. Life isn’t perfect, but they’re united by their love of music and excited about what the future holds for their band.

That is until Naima dies in tragic circumstances, leaving behind only one word. ‘Sorry’.

What awful truth was she hiding? What dark secret was lurking behind her seemingly sunny persona? And how did Red, the self-styled protector of the group, fail to spot the warning signs?

While Rose turns to wild partying and Leo is shrouded by dark moods, Red sets out to uncover the truth and find out what – or perhaps who – was responsible for Naima’s death.

It’s a journey that will cause Red’s world to crumble, exposing the dark and dangerous truth behind the fragile surface of their existence. Nothing will ever be the same again, because once a mirror is shattered, it can’t be fixed.

Delevingne wrote the novel with The Memory Book author Rowan Coleman. The star is pretty pumped for her first novel, stating “I am so proud and I cannot wait for everyone to read this collaboration between me and one of my favourite writers.”

Mirror, Mirror is currently available for pre-order in the UK with a release date of October 5, 2017. No word yet on when it will be available in the US.

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