Carnival Triumph disaster compared to The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games has become a common pop-culture reference, which really shows how the series has worked its way into daily life. Sometimes, however, the connotation is really negative — such as in this case, where the people stranded aboard the Carnival Triumph compared the experience to The Hunger Games:

As the Daily Mail reports:

Squalor: Many of the passengers on board the Carnival Triumph immediately took pictures of the horrible conditions on board once they had charged smartphones and cameras


Passenger Kendall Jenkins, a 24-year-old self-employed property manager from Houston, Texas said conditions on board the ship were ‘like the Hunger Games’ as guests looked out for themselves and hoarded food.

Is this an overreaction, or do you think the conditions were bad enough to merit the comparison?

Personally, we think the person was more referring to the conditions in District 12 than the actual Games, but more to the point: Isn’t this exactly what would happen if people from the Capitol suddenly found themselves in District 12?

It’s not our place to mock their horrible experience. By all accounts, it was absolute hell being stuck on that cruise ship, but we’d still say connecting it with The Hunger Games is a bit much. Do you agree?


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