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LOVE,SIMON’s Cassady McClincy joins Season 9 of THE WALKING DEAD

Cassady McClincy will be a regular in season 9 of THE WALKING DEAD as Lydia, the daughter of Samantha Morton’s Alpha. 

The Whisperers, another survivor group that was introduced in Volume 22 of The Walking Dead graphic novel, will be making their presence in the TV series’ ninth season this fall. Unfortunately for the Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom residents, they are not the friendly type and have a whole new and sinister way of antagonizing our favorites.

Leading the group is a woman named Alpha, who will be played by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them‘s Samantha Morton. But in the graphic novel, the group meets Alpha’s daughter, Lydia, before they meet Alpha; and it was just announced that Lydia will be played by Love, Simon‘s Cassady McClincy.

Cassady McClincy played Jackie in Love, Simon, the ex-girlfriend of Simon and was involved in a couple of pretty humorous scenes in the gay romantic comedy film. However, in The Walking Dead, it’s unlikely we’ll have that much to laugh about. Lydia is unconcerned about whether she looks like a boy, and more concerned about the way her group survives among the walkers.

***mild spoilers follow***

Also in the graphic novel, Lydia formed a close and romantic bond with Carl. Since Carl was actually killed off in the previous season on the show, unfortunately, that’s obviously not going to happen, so we’re interested in seeing if Lydia is still the sensitive girl that didn’t fit in with The Whisperers, or if she’s more like her mom. Then again, we can’t say if Alpha is going to be similar to Alpha in the graphic novels, but we can’t imagine her being more forgiving, especially when Negan is very much as vicious on the show as he is in the graphic novel.



McClincy’s other credits include Hulu’s Castle Rock as Young Molly, VH-1’s Daytime Divas as Tandy, and an episode of Netflix’s Ozark.


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