Cassandra Clare Breaks Down LORD OF SHADOWS Special Content

Find out where to snag special LORD OF SHADOWS content upon the book’s release!

Not only will Cassandra Clare fans be getting the second book in The Dark Artifices this May, they’ll also be getting plenty of special content to go along with it!

In a recent Tumblr post, Clare broke down all the special content fans in the US and UK can receive, depending on where they pick up the book.

In the US, all first print editions will include 30 new runes designed by Val Freire, who created the original runes we all know and love. On top of that, there’s a few store-specific deals:

  • Target’s edition will feature a detailed map of Alicante, the capital of Idris.
  • Barnes and Noble will have an exclusive scene featuring Emma and Julian discussing Will, Jem, and Tessa on Blackfriar’s Bridge.
  • Costco will give readers Julian’s painting of Emma, seen below:

Fans in the UK can also expect some fun extras.

  • W.H. Smiths & Eastons will have a special edition trade paperback with an interior cover printing of Shadowhunters runes
  • Waterstones’ edition will feature an exclusive scene of Julian and Emma on Blackfriars Bridge, plus colorful page edges.

There will also be a general hardback special edition featuring the Julian/Emma scene and the Map of Alicante in the UK, though Clare doesn’t denote that this edition is store-specific.

Now that you know where to find your copy, pre-ordering just got easier!

Lord of Shadows hits bookshelves on May 23, 2017.

By Kait

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