Cassandra Clare confirms flower cards coming in book format

Cassie Clare confirmed that she and artist Cassandra Jean are working on a flower cards book

*Spoiler warning*  If you haven’t read the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy‘s “Born to Endless Night,” then you might want to skip this article since it includes some information about an important character introduced in it.  However, if you don’t mind being spoiled, then continue on.





Cassandra Clare announced in tumblr that that she is indeed working with go-to artist Cassandra Jean on putting all the flower cards into a book, including some cards that have yet to be revealed.

Cassie continued on, stating this:

We’re excited about designing it and making it really pretty. It won’t be ready in time for Christmas, but we’re hoping for Valentine’s Day! It will contain 10-15 new flower cards of characters that we couldn’t reveal before (Like Max, above) or who didn’t get their own card yet (Celine Herondale.) As we know more, we’ll keep you updated!

Cassandra Jean added her bit to the blog as well:

By the angel, it’s a picture of Magnus and Alec’s adopted warlock son!  Max Michael Lightwood-Bane is so adorable, and I believe that Cassie had stated in a previous answer that we are definitely going to see more of Max in future books. I can’t wait!

And surely all Shadowhunter Chronicles fans will be gearing up to purchase this book when it’s made available, whether it arrives before Valentine’s Day or after.  You can actually see many of the flower cards on Cassandra Jean’s tumblr blog, but being able to look at it up close in a book would be just splendid!  The flower cards will contain characters from previous (The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices) and future (The Dark Artifices and The Last Hours) novels of the Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Here are a few of the flower cards that Cassie has on her blog.

Flower cards by Cassandra Jean - Clary Fray Flower cards by Cassandra Jean - Jace Wayland Flower cards by Cassandra Jean - Tessa Gray Flower cards by Cassandra Jean - Will Herondale Flower cards by Cassandra Jean - Emma Carstairs

See the rest of the flower cards and her other artwork at

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