Cassandra Clare Gives More Details About Her Dinner With the Cast of City of Bones

From left to right: Jemima West (Isabelle), Jamie Campbell-Bower (Jace), Lily Collins (Clary), author Cassandra Clare, Kevin Zegers (Alec), Aidan Turner (Luke), and director Harold Zwart

Cassie has finally been able to give us more details about her dinner that she had earlier this month with the cast.   She gave a brief snippet of it previously, especially in regards to Godfrey Gao’s anticipated arrival on the set.

What Cassie was able to see on the set were some of Jocelyn’s paintings, as well as some other things that she still isn’t able to share.  Here’s what else she said:

The actors were doing fight training most of the day anyway. Kevin came by to show us they’d dyed his hair black and Jemima came by to show the runes they’d painted on her. The Voyance rune was partway up her wrist so I grabbed her hand and explained how the Voyance rune goes on the back of your dominant hand, whichever one you use to hold weapons. Jemima was patient and did not hit me for manhandling her.

I mostly got to talk to the cast at dinner because the producers were being magnanimous and said, “Cassie, sit with your Shadowhunters.” It was basically all Shadowhunters because it was those members of the cast that needed to be there for fight training (minus Valentine but either Jonathan Rhys Meyers comes with built in fight training or he’s doing it later. 🙂

The cast seemed a bunch of sweet kind funny people who had obviously developed a good rapport. Lily showed me the terrifying bruises she is covered with from her fight training. They told me Jamie can do a somersault in midair and stick the landing (so I suppose there’s always the Olympics in his future.) We discussed Lily’s hair color (I like it. I never thought of Clary as having orange-red hair, but more dark red and fiery.)

When Cassie first tweeted about her dinner, she waited 5 minutes to get responses, and there were a bajillion, so as she was reading through some of them, the actors leaned in, curious to see what was being said:

Me: Um, Kevin, someone wants to know if you are as happy looking in the mirror every morning as they are looking at your face.

Aidan: Tell them for me that he is.

Aw, Aidan!  You’re so sweet!

Me: Lily, someone really loves you, and also your hair, and also Jamie.

Jamie: I am after hair?

Did I just hear Jace in my head??

Me: Someone would like you to know you are a very good-looking cast.

Aidan: It’s true, everyone is very good-looking. I mean, not me. Everyone else!

Me: Someone wants to know what your Shadowhunter gear looks like.

Kevin: My pants are very tight. I put on tight pants today, went into the fight training room, six guys punched me, and then I threw up.

Me: I am…sorry about that. Also everyone wants to know where Robbie and Godfrey are.

Kevin then asked the “Yeah, where’s my boyfriend?” question and Lily and Jamie opined that Robbie was great and had done an amazing audition, and one of them opined that he wasn’t bad-looking either but I will not say which one.

Jemima was also very pleased she had gotten Izzy’s whip to crack on the first try. She is super sweet and speaks perfect French (as I think does Kevin, or he does an amazing job of pretending) so if you’re wondering if someone tweeting is really Jemima you can always test her French. 🙂

Cassandra will get back to Toronto in September, at which time she will get to meet Robert Sheehan (Simon) and Godfrey Gao (Magnus) in person!  Can’t wait what she has to say then!


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