Cassandra Clare releases new LORD OF SHADOWS Snippet

Not one to shy away from connecting with her fans, author Cassandra Clare gives us another snippet from LORD OF SHADOWS. 

Cassandra Clare is at it again. She has released a new snippet from Lord of Shadows, book two from her The Dark Artifices trilogy. This time we get some interaction between faerie prince Kieran and half-faerie, half Shadowhunter Mark Blackthorn. In this one, the setting of the scene may give some readers an open-mouthed reaction, but we should always be aware of trying to figure out what happens next when it comes to Cassie’s snippets.

Kieran gave a soft, impatient noise and flopped down on the bed, among the sheets. The blankets were already flung onto the floor. With his black hair tangled against the white linen, his body sprawled out with no regard for human modesty, Kieran looked even more of a wild creature. “Come with me, then,” he said. “Stay with me. I saw the look on your face when you saw the horses of the Hunt. You would do anything to ride again.”

Suddenly furious, Mark leaned down over him. “Not anything,” he said. His voice throbbed with low anger.

Kieran gave a slight hiss. He caught at Mark’s shirt. “There,” he said. “Be angry with me, Mark Blackthorn. Shout at me. Feel something.”

Mark stayed where he was, frozen, just above Kieran. “You think I don’t feel?”

There are probably more than a couple of ways this conversation can go, but we’re not going to try to predict (“Try” being the operative word here.)

But here’s another snippet that Clare released several days ago that seems more optimistic between two other lovers:

“I was thinking about monogrammed towels,” said Isabelle.

“My name is going to be Simon Lewis Lovelace Lightwood,” said Simon. “No monogrammed towels.”

Being that it’s an unidentified snippet, we don’t know which book, if any, this is going to be in, but we aren’t complaining about more Sizzy!

Lord of Shadows is expected to arrive in stores May 23, 2017.


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