Cassandra Clare releases CHAIN OF GOLD Illustration of Lucie Herondale

The Shadowhunters Chronicles author Cassandra Clare released an update on the tentative release schedule of her future books as well as another beautiful illustration of one of the major characters in CHAIN OF GOLD.

We’re always excited to know when upcoming books are going to be released by our favorite authors, and Cassandra Clare‘s books are no exception.

In her latest newsletter, she discloses the release date on not only the books related to the Shadowhunters, but also one that is a completely new series geared for adults called Sword Catcher.

A brand new adult fantasy series which I am super excited about, set in a fantasy city called Castellane. A young woman is assigned to be the personal physician to the biggest criminal in town. A young man finds out the prince whose bodyguard he is might not be such a great guy. Swords, intrigue, magic, explosions!

The first book of the Sword Catcher series is not scheduled for publication until 2021.

Here’s the ones that she has specific dates for, though as with all novels, publication dates can change.

Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1): 3/3/20
Lost Book of the White (The Eldest Curses #2): 9/1/20
Chain of Iron (The Last Hours #2): 3/1/21

The third book of The Last Hours trilogy, Chain of Thorns, doesn’t have a scheduled date, but if all goes according to plan, it’s likely to be published around March 2022. The same goes for book three of The Eldest Curses trilogy, The Black Volume of the Dead, in that it may be released in the Fall of 2021.

The Ragpicker King is book two of her Sword Catcher series, and is also unscheduled. Since the first book is on a tentative Fall 2021 release, it’s possible this could interfere with the release of The Black Volume of the Dead. It really just depends, though, and we can presume to think Cassie can’t handle it all, though our minds are being blown by the fact that she has all this to write.

And this doesn’t even include the final Shadowhunters series, The Wicked Powers! Ugh! We’re exhausted (and wide-eyed with anticipation) just thinking about it.

Now for the latest illustration of one of the characters of Chain of Gold, the stunning and hardly ever serious Lucie Herondale, daughter of Will and Tessa Herondale, and sister of James Herondale.

Illustration by Charlie Bowater

We know that some of you are still waiting to see if Cassandra is going to be hitting your area on her Chain of Gold book tour (she already listed Atlanta and Texas as likely stops), but you may be interested in pre-ordering the book from Good Choice Reading because they’ve got something special.

Good Choice Reading is offering 1,000 limited edition Chain of Gold themed boxes, which will include the following, along with a signed & personalized (optional) Collector’s First Edition copy of the book:

Included in the box:
·  Will and Tessa Wedding Invitation (from Cassandra Clare)
·  Charm (from Cassandra Clare)
·  Bookmark (from Cassandra Clare)
·  A shadow hunter  inspired Seraph blade keychain – 4 Inches long (From A History Girls Fandom)​

For more details and to order the box, go to Good Choice Reading now.

Finally, here’s Cassandra’s latest Tumblr snippet from Chain of Gold:

If you want even more exclusives, including more snippets, sign up for Cassie’s newsletter at the bottom of her website.

You can pre-order Chain of Gold through the following as well:

Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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