Cassandra Clare Releases New Snippet From THE WHITECHAPEL FIEND

The Whitechapel Fiend, the third story in the Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy series releases tomorrow, April 21, 2015. In anticipation, Cassandra Clare released a new snippet from the novella.

London, October 1888

“It’s not appropriate,” Tessa said to her husband, Will.

“He likes it.”

“Children like all sorts of things, Will. They like sweets and fire and trying to stick their head up the chimney. Just because he likes the dagger…”

“Look how steady he holds it.”

Little James Herondale, age two, was in fact holding the dagger quite well. He stabbed it into a sofa cushion, sending out a burst of feathers.

“Ducks,” he said, pointing at the feathers.

Tessa swiftly removed the dagger from his tiny hand and replaced it with a wooden spoon. James had recently become very attached to this wooden spoon and carried it with him everywhere, often refusing to go to sleep without it.

“Spoon,” James said, tottering off across the parlor.

“Where did he find the dagger?” Tessa asked.

“It’s possible I took him to the weapons room,” Will said.

“Is it?”

“It is, yes. It’s possible.”

“And it’s possible he somehow got a dagger from where it is secured on the wall, out of his reach,” Tessa said.

We live in a world of possibilities,” Will said.

The whitechapel fiend
Cassandra Jean


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