Cassandra Clare Releases Swoon-Worthy Mark and Kieran Short

Explore the early days of Mark and Kieran’s relationship in a new short!

We’re in Cassandra Clare book release limbo until early 2018, but the prolific author behind the Shadowhunters universe feels our pain.

To help ease the wait, Clare shared a short story featuring the early days of Mark and Kieran’s relationship. More specifically, it follows their first kiss– remember, they disagree about who kissed whom first in The Dark Artifices series– and the events that follow. Let’s just say this one gets steamy quick and Cassandra Clare herself gives it an R rating, so it’s probably NSFW or younger audiences!

From the top of Mynydd Mawr, you could see the Irish Sea. Somewhere across that ocean, Mark thought, was the country he’d grown up in, and far on its west coast was Los Angeles, where his brothers and sisters lived.

The summit of the mountain was covered with low green grass, and the peak fell away to long slopes of scree reaching down to views of more green — a patchwork of verdigris dotted with the gray lines of farmers’ stone walls. Kieran’s horse Windspear was cropping grass at the mountain’s edge, while Mark’s mount had wandered off in search of excitement, which Mark doubted she would find in this quiet corner of Wales.

Clouds scudded across the sky, low and gray, promising a downpour. Mark looked over at Kieran, who was working at putting up a shelter for them. He had draped two cloaks — Wild Hunt cloaks were made of tough fibrous material, impervious to rain —over the top of a half-collapsed cairn of stones.

Mark watched him as he spread another cloak out inside the cairn, over the grass and packed earth. His gestures were faerie gestures: economic and graceful. In the silvery rain-light, his skin looked sheered with silver, etching the fine bones of his face, his hands. When he blinked, his blue-black lashes scattered light.


We’ll see Mark and Kieran again in Queen of Air and Darkness, the final book in The Dark Artifices series, which is expected to be published sometime in 2019.

By Kait

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