Cassandra Clare Releases TDA Snippet Featuring Emma and Julian

I’m beyond excited for the next venture into the Shadowhunter world, and so every little bit that Cassandra Clare teases us with just adds to the anticipation, threatening to break me into a million pieces.

Here’s Cassie’s latest contribution to the snippets pile for The Dark Artifices, which features parabatai Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn:

“Emma —“

“I’m calling.” Emma lunged for her phone.

“No!” Julian said, forcefully enough to stop her. “You know we can’t tell anyone. About Mark —“

“You’re not going to bleed to death in a car for Mark!”  

“No,” he said, looking at her. His eyes were eerily green-blue, the only bright color in the dark interior of the car. “You’re going to fix me.”

art by Cassandra Jean
art by Cassandra Jean