Cassandra Clare Reveals Titles of New Magnus Bane Book Series

Cassandra Clare has just revealed the titles of her new Magnus Bane-central book series!

Cassandra Clare revealed back in May that she and Wesley Chu would be writing an adult book series based on the life of fan-favourite Mortal Instruments character, Magnus Bane. And yesterday, at the Sharjah Book Fair in the United Arab Emirates, Clare finally revealed the title of this series, along with the titles of each book. Are you ready?

The Series will be called The Eldest Curses! 

The name comes from a passage of Hamlet, specifically Act 3 Scene 3:

O, my offence is rank, it smells to heaven;
It hath the primal eldest curse upon’t,
A brother’s murder.

Clare also revealed the titles of the three books in the series, which are: The Lost Book of the White, The Black Volume of the Deadand The Red Scrolls of Magic.

She also spoke a little bit about when the series will take place, saying that it will start during the time in City of Fallen Angels when Magnus and Alec go on a trip to Europe.

This series is sure to give us an even deeper look both into Magnus’ power and into the character himself, which is something that I know I cannot wait for. Magnus has had such a long life, and there is so much we still don’t know about him, and so exploring his character more in this series will be extremely exciting for many fans, including myself.

The Lost Book of the White is set to hit shelves November 2017.



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