Read the two New LORD OF SHADOWS Snippets!!

Author of the Shadowhunter Chronicles, Cassandra Clare reveals two snippets from Lord of Shadows, the upcoming book in the Dark Artifices series.

Cassandra Clare, who we all know and love for her Shadowhunter world, released two short but amazing snippets of Lord of Shadows on her tumblr.

The first one is about Dru, the second youngest in the Blackthorn family.

“Dru reached automatically for the weapons at her belt, but there was nothing there. She’d come here completely unprepared, in only jeans and a black t-shirt with cats on it.”

Here it seems as if Dru has ventured off somewhere, but is ill prepared due to the lack of weapons. For those who have read Lady Midnight, you might remember that Dru is hardly one to go out on missions, mainly because she is one of the youngest in the family. This is why this snippet is so surprising, and makes me all the more excited to see what leads up to this moment. 

In the second snippet, we see Magnus Bane talking to Kieran about his father.

“Not one of my best,” said Magnus, to Kieran. “I apologize — I’m not a big fan of your father’s.”

“My father does not have fans.” Kieran leaned against the edge of the table. “He has subjects. And enemies.”

“And sons.”

“His sons are his enemies,” said Kieran, without inflection.

How exciting! Why is Magnus talking to Kieran, and what does Magnus have against his father?

These snippets give the smallest peek into the next outstanding book that’s coming our way. Lord of Shadows comes out in Spring 2017!!