Cassandra Clare Teases Fans With Unidentified Snippet

Who is out for justice in this mysterious Shadowhunters novel excerpt?

The Shadowhunter universe is vast, and author Cassandra Clare is great at giving fans quick peeks inside without giving too much away.

Her favorite method of teasing is the unidentified snippet, which shows fans a snapshot of a character without revealing who it is or which book it’s from. Recently, she release another unidentified snippet via her tumblr.

He bent down and tore a strip of material from the shirt he’d worn at the Council meeting. It was stiff and dark with his sister’s dried blood.

He tied it around his wrist. It would stay there, he told himself, until he had vengeance. Until there was justice. Until everyone he loved was safe.

The obvious choice for this quote would be a Julian-narrated chapter from Queen of Air and Darkness, given the event that ends Lord of Shadows and Julian’s ultra-protective nature, which could turn him toward a more vengeful path in the final book of the trilogy. Of course, other Blackthorn brothers Mark and Ty will also thirst for justice.

To complicate matters even further, almost every major male character in the Shadowhunters universe has at least one sister, and the Council could be a reference from pretty much any time period, so there’s no knowing for sure.

We’ll find out exactly where the quote is from soon enough, though none of the qualifying books have release dates quite yet. The Lost Book of White (The Eldest Curses #1) is expected out in early 2018, Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1) is expected out in late 2018, and Queen of Air and Darkness (The Dark Artifices #3) is planned for 2019.

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