Cassandra Clare’s THE DARK ARTIFICES’ Snippet Features an Agonized Mark Blackthorn

art by Cassandra Jean
art by Cassandra Jean

Have you read the latest snippet released by Cassandra Clare?  It features Mark Blackthorn in The Dark Artifices series and his apparent agony over his siblings.  We can only guess who it’s directed to, but his pain is palpable in these words.

Mark whirled on them. His eyes were blind, unseeing. “You bring the twins in front of me and you kill them over and over. My Ty, he doesn’t understand why I can’t save him. You bring me Dru and when she laughs to see the fairytale castle, all ringed round with hedges, you throw her against the thorns until their pierce her small body. And you bid me wash in Octavian’s blood for the blood of an innocent child is magic under the Hill.”

City of Heavenly Fire, the last book of The Mortal Instruments series, was just released last June and also explores the Blackthorn family during Sebastian’s war against the Shadowhunters, and in particular reveals Mark’s situation in the aftermath.  This recent snippet only gives us more reason to desire Cassie’s next Shadowhunter series now. Cassandra also reminds us in her tag that “not all snippets make it into the finished work, but they are parts of later drafts.” The release date for Lady Midnight, the first book of TDA trilogy, is shown on Goodreads is March 2015, but it’s possible we may have to wait a bit longer next year for the official release.

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