Casting for Finnick ongoing

Despite E Online’s report that the role of Finnick had been narrowed down to three actors, Zap2it is reporting that casting only just began yesterday, with many actors reading for the part.

Despite reports that Taylor KitschArmie Hammer and Garrett Hedlund are the three men in the running to play “Hunger Games” heartthrob Finnick Odair in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” don’t get too excited just yet — sources close to the production tell Zap2it that casting has just begun for the role, and that the three All-American dudes are by no means the only ones in the running.

E! Online reports that Kitsch, Hammer and Hedlund are the names Lionsgate wants, but Zap2it’s source says nobody’s in the lead just yet considering talks only began on Tuesday (May 29). Actors are still reading for the role, and the studio is strongly considering bringing in an unknown to avoid ego clashes on set. It’s easy to understand the mix-up — someone probably got their hands on the confidential memo going around that reveals the three men are currently on the shortlist of dudes we’d love to marry in a fantasy dream world. (Honestly, any list with those three guys on it is a win-win-win situation.)

Zap2it has also revealed auditions scenes:

The scenes the actors are reportedly reading for the role include the sugar cube scene where Finnick first meets Katniss and the scene where he hears Annie’s scream.

So even though we do not have an official short list, we do know that auditions are underway with actors reading for the role now.  With any luck we should have our Finnick soon (maybe not as soon as we would like, but soon enough)!

Source: Zap2it

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